Training Valuemation Analytics Customizing


As part of a customizing training course, participants learn how to extend domains in Valuemation Analytics on their own. The training focuses either on the Real-Time-Cubes (RTCs) or on the extension of the domains of the full version including adaptation of the loading process.

Customizing RTCs:

  • Create and customize domains, dimensions, and measures
  • Setting up roles and rights
  • Design Customizing

Customizing the VMA Full Version:

  • Create and customize domains, dimensions, and measures
  • Creating and customizing loading jobs
  • Setting up roles and rights
  • Design Customizing

Target audience

Customizers who want to extend and customize domains in Valuemation Analytics independently


    • Participation in the Valuemation Analytics training for end users
    • Be able to read and write SQL statements
    • Understanding of relational database systems recommended
    • Basic understanding of Business Intelligence terms helpful.
    • Knowledge of terms and concepts such as star schema, fact, dimension, degenerate dimension, index and ETL facilitate participation in the training.

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      Training registration VM



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