Valuemation: Software für Field Service Management / Technischer Kundendienst

Valuemation: Your software for field service management

Organize your service requests in your field service

Valuemation allows you to define field services and then make them available on demand to clerical staff or users of the machines and systems:

  • Automatic assignment of new requests to the responsible service employees
  • Resource planning for employees and work aids in field service
  • Management of personal to-do lists with an automatic reminder function
  • Analysis of the number, scope and processing times of the services
  • Measurement of utilization and identification of bottlenecks in service processes 

Configure and automate your field service processes

Processes, such as for rectifying problems or maintenance, can be configured to suit your requirements:

  • Definition of any process steps and workflows
  • Definition of the persons responsible for handling, examination and approval
  • Possibility of fully automated processes (e.g. ordering of operating resources controlled by level indicators) 

Inspire your employees with intuitive self service

You can make the defined field services directly available to users of machines and systems by means of the self-service solution:

  • Automatic answering of frequently asked questions from a knowledge base
  • Field services are called off by internal service staff or customers on the basis of their authorizations
  • Presentation of the current status of active service requests
  • Direct communication with the service organization by chat
  • Intuitive operation without any prior training

Monitor and control systems via IoT interfaces

Network-enabled machines and systems can be automatically monitored and controlled remotely by means of Internet of Things (IoT) interfaces:

  • Integration of any network-enabled machines and systems
  • Automatic checking of the status and identification of error statuses
  • Automatic initiation of service processes in response to configurable events 

Analyze remote data and offer high-quality service products

With help of the integrated software Katana sensor data are automatically analyzed and error states detected even before an actual machine or system outage occurs:

  • Reading of any remote data and storage of it in real time
  • Automated big data analysis based on defined error patterns
  • Prompt detection of error states before an actual outage
  • Initiation of predictive service measures outside production times

Set store by a certified solution

Valuemation has been certified by the independent management consulting firm SERVIEW GmbH. That means Valuemation can be used for all field service processes at your company.

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