Valuemation: Ihre Software für IT Analytics

Your software for IT analytics

Monitor, analyze and control your IT processes

Valuemation Analytics is a specific analytics solution for IT service management that enables comprehensive analysis, monitoring and controlling of all IT processes.

Valuemation is thus an efficient aid for IT managers and process owners in controlling and optimizing the complete IT service value chain:

  • Role-based, interactive dashboards provide information on the current status.
  • Ad-hoc analyses by means of self-service BI support problem analysis.
  • Predefined IT key performance indicators mean you can start using the solution right away, without the need for a costly, time-consuming BI project.
  • Available adapters enable rapid integration with numerous data sources.

See the current status of your IT processes at all times

Valuemation Analytics keeps you up-to-date anytime, anywhere, with preconfigured dashboards for your specific role and in all relevant ITIL® processes:

  • Graphical depiction of important IT key performance indicators means you can identify trends and deviations at a glance.
  • You analyze weak points and dependencies in your IT operations in a targeted manner.
  • You can take corrective action even before a service level is violated.

Examples of dashboards:

Examples of ad-hoc analyses and reports:

Uncover hidden potential for optimization with self-service BI

If IT key performance indicators are outside the specified range, the cause must be investigated. The self-service BI function of Valuemation Analytics helps you in that:

  • Create customized ad-hoc analyses and reports on your own by drag & drop.
  • Find hidden causes of problems by comparing, clustering and correlating different data sets.
  • Become independent of BI or reporting experts, since you did not need any database know-how.

In this white paper, you can learn about the basic functions of self-service BI solutions and get to know practical application scenarios.

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Create new reports simply by drag & drop

Valuemation Analytics lets you produce and send reports on your own and easily:

  • Combine multiple individual analyses and different forms of presentation into a single report by drag & drop.
  • Add your own comments and explanations to enrich the content of reports.
  • Create detailed reports and analyses for recipients with specific information needs.
  • Plan automated sending of reports at defined times.

Get up and running immediately with pre-configured IT KPIs.

With Valuemation Analytics, you use predefined, out-of the-box KPIs pertaining to your IT service processes. These IT key performance indicators are based on best practices from ITIL®, COBIT® and ISO 20000 and on our extensive know-how from more than 35 years of experience in ITSM projects.

  • Benefit from a complete set of tried-and-tested, ITIL®-compliant IT KPIs.
  • Get started quickly after a rollout lasting just a few days, without the need for the usual costly, time-consuming BI projects.
  • You can later add custom data and key performance indicators to the self-service BI solution at no great effort.

Merge process data from different sources

The self-service BI functionality of Valuemation uses a BI-based approach that has been specifically developed for IT service management and analyzing IT big data:

  • Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data from any sources
  • Storage and historicization of it in a data warehouse
  • Processing of data for analysis and reporting, as well as visualization

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