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Enter and handle tickets efficiently

Valuemation helps the IT service desk control and carry out all support activities with ITIL®-based processes.

Offer your end users outstanding self service

The integrated self-service solution pools all services and information of an IT service provider for end users in a single channel.

Slash the workload on your help desk lastingly

Benefit from the experience gathered from many help desk projects.

1. Put the priority on intuitive self service

The self-service application should be as easy to use as the Amazon shop. Only then will people accept and like using it. If self service is too complicated, your users will continue contacting the help desk directly as usual. That means the goal of reducing the number of tickets by self service cannot be achieved.

2. Automate searches in the knowledge base

Don’t demand that your users should first search in the knowledge base before posting a ticket. Instead, searches should be conducted automatically in the background when a problem is typed in. Only such an automated approach can ensure that the knowledge base is used lastingly and helps users resolve tickets without needing help from a service agent.

3. Use proactive incident reports

Notify your users proactively about known incidents or impending maintenance windows. In the event of a mass incident, that helps slash the number of reported tickets and you can prevent the same problems being reported repeatedly by phone and so the hotline being blocked. Your users will also greatly appreciate this open “information policy.”

4. Automate service requests

Automate frequent service requests, such as “reset password” or “software installation.” The savings potential is huge, and your users will be delighted at the speed and quality of your service processes.

Assist support staff in field service

 Valuemation also lets field support staff enter and handle tickets efficiently while on the road.

  • An overview of all relevant information, such as the status of current tickets, important messages or personal tasks
  • System-related information is linked directly with the ticket and is also available in offline mode
  • Mobile entry of new tickets with step-by-step instructions and use of preset fields
  • Add extra information (such as screenshots or system information) in the desktop application as an attachment to the ticket.

Automate your field service planning

With Valuemation you can automatically plan the resources required for Field Service.

  • Planning a wide range of different resources, such as technicians, vehicles or service equipment.
  • Optimization of tours, taking into account numerous criteria, such as skills, assignment locations or traffic
  • Automatic adjustment for planning unexpected events, such as traffic jams, weather or illness


Capture the cause and effect of an incident rapidly

Access to information from the CMDB means you can identify problems faster:

  • Insight into extensive details on service structures, IT components and their dependencies
  • Immediate identification of the impact incidents might have on business services
  • Identification of the deep-lying causes of problems (root cause analyses)

Use existing knowledge for troubleshooting

The integrated knowledge base supports knowledge transfer at the IT help desk and increases the first call resolution rate.

  • Provision of up-to-date, quality-assured knowledge
  • Configurable document types, such as troubleshooting, instructions, checklist, etc.
  • Automatic attachment of used solutions to tickets


Plan and control your resources actively

Valuemation helps you ensure ideal resource utilization and avoid bottlenecks and gaps in utilization:

  • Transparency on the available resources and their necessary characteristics or skills
  • Flexible, intuitive controlling and planning of service staff
  • Optimized utilization and use of capacities, such as for maintenance windows in change management

Measure and optimize service performance

The integrated IT analytics solution supports process owners in monitoring and optimizing ITIL® processes on the basis of KPIs.

  • Role-based, interactive dashboards provide information on the current status.
  • Ad-hoc analyses by means of self-service BI support problem analysis.
  • Predefined IT key performance indicators mean you can start using the solution right away, without the need for a costly, time-consuming BI project.
  • Available adapters enable rapid integration with numerous data sources.

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Discover hitherto unknown optimization potential

Best Practices: Benefit from the experience gathered from many help desk projects.

1. Automate the creation of reports

Use no more than a handful of KPIs to monitor service desk processes. And have these reports sent to you automatically once a month.

2. Use static reports to continuously monitor KPIs

Static reports are very suitable for reporting routinely on specific KPIs and comparing them with your target values. If they are above or below the target values, the causes must be researched – and dynamic reports are the better choice for that.

3. Use dynamic reports (self-service BI) when KPIs deviate

When you start researching the causes for deviating KPIs, you often don’t have a precise idea of what analysis might help you achieve your goal. Instead, you then tend to proceed by trial and error. Use the dynamic reports of a self-service BI solution that enables you to create and visualize customized analyses by drag & drop.

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