Valuemation: Ihre Software für das IT Service Management

Valuemation: Your software for IT service management

The modular product suite with tried-and-tested ITSM solutions

Choose an ITSM tool that can grow with your needs

With Valuemation you can choose which modules you want to start with. Additional modules can be added at any time if required.

The Valuemation Suite not only covers the usual ITSM processes, but also offers advanced modules – e. g. for software license management, IT financial management, infrastructure and business service monitoring, customer relationship management, innovation management, IT analytics, etc.

In addition, Valuemation can also be used at any time in other service areas and thus as a central tool for Enterprise Service Management throughout the company.

Rely on an ITSM tool certified by independent organizations

The ITSM software Valuemation has been audited on several occasions by internationally acknowledged organizations such as Pink Elephant, AXELOS and SERVIEW and certified for ITIL® compliance. Our ITSM tool “made in Germany” is more powerful than most international competitors! Pink Elephant confirms that: Valuemation is currently just one of four ITSM tools worldwide to have been awarded a certificate for all 16 ITIL® processes (see PinkVERIFYTM toolsets).

These 16 ITIL® processes have been tested and certified by Pink Elephant

 Asset ManagementManaging IT assets throughout the entire lifecycle
 Availability ManagementMeasuring and controlling the availability of IT services
 Capacity ManagementMeasuring and controlling the IT infrastructure‘s performance
 Change ManagementSecure planning and implementation of changes in the IT infrastructure
 Event ManagementMonitoring the IT infrastructure and identifying bottlenecks and failures
 Financial ManagementPlanning, calculating, controlling and charging of IT budgets and IT service costs
 Incident ManagementReporting, processing and resolving malfunctions in IT operations
 IT Service Continuity ManagementIdentifying risks to IT operations, implementing preventive measures and introducing robust recovery procedures
 Knowledge ManagementEnsuring and making available know-how within IT and for end users
 Problem ManagementAnalyzing and permanently eliminating repetitive IT operations issues
 Release & Deployment ManagementPlanning, managing and productive implementation of software releases
 Request FulfillmentProcessing of requests and orders (service requests) from end users
 Service Asset & Configuration ManagementManaging infrastructure components and their interdependencies for IT services
 Service Catalog ManagementDocumenting available IT services and enabling end-users to access them
 Service Level ManagementManaging, verifying and securing the promised performance parameters of IT services
 Service Portfolio ManagementManaging scheduled, current and shutdown services

  • IT Service Management
  • HR Service Management
  • Facility Service Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Marketing Service Management

Cut costs throughout the company with enterprise service management

Basically, Valuemation can be used as an enterprise service management tool in all service areas of a company. Users need just a single self-service application for submitting all service requests, and the service areas reduce costs by sharing a tool. Valuemation has been awarded the seal of quality “SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL” by the independent management consulting firm SERVIEW GmbH in five different categories

Use independent market studies to underpin your decision

In its market study for 2019, the German analyst firm Research in Action compares the 20 best software providers in the field of IT and enterprise service management. 750 IT budget managers from Germany were interviewed. The result: USU's Valuemation software is ranked first in terms of performance + price and USU is one of the top 2 market leaders.

Read the market study now

Choose an ITSM tool that adapts to your needs

Valuemation is shipped in a standard configuration that allows you to start using it right away. However, the software can also be customized to your needs virtually without limitation.

Choose a vendor who understands you

We want to hear your feedback. That means you can actively shape the next development steps and obtain an early insight into new product generations and planned new features.

Stay flexible – also in your choice of operating model

Valuemation is offered as an on-premise and SaaS solution. That means you can select the operating model that’s right for you. You can change it at any time: For example, you can start by using the SaaS version of your ITSM tool and then later decide in favor of the on-premise one. Or start with the on-premise version and outsource operation later to a SaaS solution.

If you pursue the following objectives, we’re the right place for you:

Comparison of tool / vendorTool xValuemationTool y
Excellent references Software made in Germany??
Can be used company-wide (IT, HR, Facility, Field Service...)??
Highest ITIL® compliance global leadership??
Unlimited integration capabilities for complex environments??
Self-service with highest user acceptance??
Active contribution of users/clients to development roadmap??
Top grades for customer satisfaction and price/performance ratio??
Unlimited flexibility through customizing??
Investment security due to the vendor's financial power and stability??

Take a structured approach in choosing the right ITSM tool

Best practices: Benefit from the experience gathered from many invitation-to-tender projects.

1. Clarification of the objectives and parameters

Defining the objectives and parameters is the basis for choosing the right ITSM tool. Questions that need to be clarified include: Which departments are to use the tool, who is involved in the selection process, what processes are to be implemented now and in the future, what is the time frame, what is the available budget?

You can find a full list of relevant questions in this white paper on choosing an ITSM tool:

Read the white paper now

2. Creation of a catalog of rough criteria

The market now has more than 400 ITSM tools and vendors and so is very opaque. You should therefore create a rough catalog of criteria for the tool you wish so as to be able to filter out the 5 to 10 most relevant providers from that large number. Important criteria are, for example, range of functions, user interface, self service, integration, customizing, automation, support, etc. Most of the criteria can be checked quickly using information that is freely available in the Internet.

You can get started right away with this catalog of criteria:

Download the catalog of criteria

3. Research on and assessment of potential vendors (long list)

You can use the above-described rough catalog of criteria to carry out research on and assess potential vendors. The best 5 to 10 vendors are then long-listed and included in the invitation to tender. There are several sources for identifying potential vendors, such as analysts, certification organizations, online vendor directories, consulting organizations and many more.

You can also find a list of reliable sources in this white paper on choosing an ITSM tool:

Read the white paper now

4. Preparation of the invitation-to-tender documents

You should then conduct an invitation to tender to filter out the right vendors from the long list. In it, you describe your envisaged project in detail and ask the vendors to submit an offer. Among other things, the invitation-to-tender documents define the objective, scope of services, quantity structure, process for the invitation to tender, and the format required for an offer. The vendors also receive a catalog of requirements containing detailed questions on the company and the tool they offer.

You can find all the key details relating to your invitation to tender for an ITSM tool in this extensive sample catalog of requirements:

Download the catalog of requirements

5. Obtaining and comparing offers (short list)

Criteria that can be measured objectively, as well as qualitative criteria, must be included in assessing the individual offers. Measurable criteria include whether the must-have criteria and should-have criteria from the catalog of requirements are fulfilled, necessary adaptation work, SaaS charges, and license and support costs. In contrast, the companies, technologies, references, roadmap, etc., are assessed more from a qualitative perspective. Comparison of the offers ultimately helps identify the vendors who are to be invited to present their offer.

You can also find a template for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of vendors in this white paper on choosing an ITSM tool:

Read the white paper now

6. Presentation of the offers and tests

In the presentation of the offers or, if applicable, a more extensive test (proof of concept or PoC), you obtain a personal impression of the tool being offered and the vendor’s employees. Stipulating defined use cases for the presentation ensures that all important details are included and the presentations can be compared. These use cases should replicate users’ most important activities in practice. It’s therefore also sensible to invite key users from the relevant departments to the presentations.

You can also find an example of how to assess vendors’ presentations in this white paper on choosing an ITSM tool:

Read the white paper now

7. Purchase decision

The results of the assessment of the offer, presentation and (if applicable) testing can now be combined so as to identify the favorites for the purchasing negotiations. It may well be the case that both the customer and the vendor have obtained new information in the course of the invitation to tender which necessitates changes or additions to the offers. Your investment decision is ultimately about identifying the vendor offering the best cost/benefit ratio.

You can find all you need to know about the overall process in the white paper on choosing an ITSM tool:

Read the white paper now

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