Valuemation Business Process Manager

You use the Valuemation Business Process Manager to model and implement business-oriented IT service processes. As part of that, you define interactive user tasks as well as automated, workflow-based steps in Valuemation or external systems designed to work across modules and systems. The process engine is the key core component of the Valuemation Business Process Manager. The engine is responsible for the automation and secure execution of all process steps.


Valuemation enables you to

  • Improve efficiency in IT service management by means of clearly defined, standardized and largely automated processes
  • Minimize disruptions to operation, since employees perform their tasks with highly reliable processes and so avoid mistakes
  • Create a high level of process transparency by being aware of the status of all running process instances and having an overview of relationships and dependencies at all times
  • Avoid negative impacts on service availability, since you can measure your processes, control them by means of KPIs and optimize them if necessary.

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