Valuemation Costing & Charging Manager

The Valuemation Costing & Charging Manager helps you to achieve transparency over IT costs and the use of IT services and to keep track of the origins. You’ll also be able to assess and charge such expenses back to the correct user/cost center. In doing so, it is possible to flexibly match your IT service cost allocations to your individual IT structures and accounting models. A high degree of transparency on service costs means you increase awareness of costs among service customers, as well as help optimize IT costs and increase efficiency on the provider side.


Valuemation enables you to

  • Present the allocated IT costs for service customers transparently at all times thanks to usage-based or contract-related cost allocation
  • Create a high level of transparency on the supplied services by being able to prove compliance with service levels and SLAs at any time
  • Identify savings potential and increase cost awareness among service customers thanks to transparency on cost structures and influencing factors
  • Actively control demand for IT services, e.g. by introducing usage-based and time-based fees.

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