Valuemation Planning & Calculation Manager

Valuemation Planning & Calculation Manager lets you create a high degree of transparency on current and future IT costs and control them efficiently throughout the process chain. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your IT budgets and take timely corrective action whenever there are discrepancies between planned and actual expenses. To enable IT service cost calculation, you use the planned purchase quantities and resources to be used (personnel and infrastructure). That means you can provide information at all times, can adapt planned data flexibly as and when required and can document changes in an audit-compliant manner.


Valuemation enables you to

  • Achieve high accuracy in your planning thanks to valid base values and reliable forecasts
  • Makes pricing easily understandable to service customers by taking into account agreed purchase quantities in cost calculation
  • Speed up budget coordination with other business areas thanks to a common, detailed data repository
  • Actively monitor and control IT costs, since you have an insight into the latest actual and planned costs at all times
  • Respond in time and flexibly to changes, since you identify discrepancies between planned and actual figures promptly.

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