Valuemation Resource Manager

The Valuemation Resource Manager supports you in enabling efficient and cost-optimized use of all types of resource. They can be IT-related or other resources, such as service employees and groups, systems and technical components, services, rooms or the like. You can use it to plan the execution of operational activities in accomplishing service orders, upcoming projects or changes in IT/service operation. To do that, you use insightful visual presentations of existing resources showing details of their availability, utilization, skill profiles and more.


Valuemation enables you to

  • Reduce service costs by selectively controlling all types of resource, optimizing utilization of them and avoiding bottlenecks
  • Increase your service customers’ satisfaction by accomplishing orders on time and to a high quality and being able to provide information on an order’s status at all times
  • Save time in deployment planning by simple requirements planning for resources, high transparency on their utilization and interdependencies
  • Reserve, replenish or release resources proactively because you can see early on how resource requirements and demand are developing.

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