Valuemation Service Request Manager

The Valuemation Service Request Manager supports the management of service orders – from placement to delivery. Service customers (users) order the products and services available to them on their own in an attractive service shop. The resultant processes throughout the process chain are characterized by a high degree of standardization and automation and so can be carried out very efficiently, securely and transparently for everyone involved. That ensures satisfied customers thanks to a high quality of service and a lasting reduction in costs.


Valuemation enables you to

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by offering users selection and ordering of personalized products and services in an attractive service shop
  • Cut costs thanks to the high degree of standardization and automation throughout the service delivery process
  • Improve the efficiency of the service desk by relieving it of routine tasks
  • Reduce procurement costs by bundling orders and reducing ordering processes
  • Increase the quality of service by means of standardized service delivery with the aid of ITIL®-compliant processes.

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