Valuemation Software License Manager

The Valuemation Software License Manager, which is based on SmartTrack from Aspera, enables you to reduce your software-related costs permanently by ensuring cost-optimized, need-based software deployment. You’ll know exactly how many licenses you have, how many are actually in use and be able to match the type and number of licenses to fit your software usage, allowing you to avoid over/under-licensing of software. Your compliance with legal requirements and contractual terms and conditions will be documented in an audit-compliant manner, fully preparing you for a possible software audit.


Valuemation enables you to

  • Cut license costs by an average of 20% by reducing excess assets and deploying existing software to match needs
  • Avoid liability risks that could threaten your company, since you can respond rapidly to the threat of under-licensing
  • Prove legally compliant use of software at all times at no extra work and effort and so be fully prepared for a software audit
  • Reduce lifecycle costs in IT operation by using only authorized and standardized software.

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