Mar 09, 2020

USU partner CSC expands Valuemation in the field of IT financial management

Common Sense Consulting GmbH (CSC) advises companies on the optimization of IT financing and service contracts. Based on USU's Valuemation software, CSC makes it possible to automate processes and realize 15-20% savings potential in leasing contracts.

Experience shows that there is a large number of IT contracts in companies, whose complexity and intransparency is increasing. Uncontrolled contract extensions and unnecessarily high costs are the result. To automate processes in the area of IT financing, CSC uses a software tool called E.VIEW CORE, which was developed by CSC on the basis of USU's Valuemation software. With this tool, all financing processes can be transparently mapped, KPIs can be dynamically visualized, the present values of IT assets in the company can be displayed in real time and compared with current benchmarks.

This allows companies to identify and realize savings potential of approximately 15-20% on the managed investment volume. Automated end-of-life processes for financed assets and alerts on compliance with notice periods provide timely reminders for expiring contracts. This minimizes risks from overpayment. In addition, targeted aggregation, visualization and reporting provide relevant information for strategic decisions.

"USU and we are united by the core idea of driving the digital future forward with innovative solutions. Thanks to its flexibility, customizing capability and integration options, Valuemation has provided us with the optimal foundation for our E.VIEW CORE solution." confirms Dirk Stobbe, founder and CEO of Common Sense Consulting GmbH.

A new USU project report (case study) explains the advantages and how the solution works: Download it free of charge