Feb 26, 2016

Forrester Report: IT Service Management Software from the Cloud

In its latest report “Vendor Landscape: ITSM SaaS Solutions,” the market research company Forrester Research compares 20 international software vendors and their IT service management solutions – including USU AG and its ITSM suite Valuemation. To enable the right choice to be made from the large number of ITSM vendors, Forrester uses objective criteria for comparing them and assessing the tools. We offer you the report as a free download.

All 20 of the examined vendors offer cloud-based ITSM tools with different functionalities. In comparing the vendors, Forrester placed particular importance on whether they met future-oriented technical and functional criteria. They include the architecture platform, data/information security, support for mobility, communication, collaboration between end users and more. USU is one of two German software vendors in the comparison and offers USU Valuemation, an ITSM suite that is available as an SaaS version and also for on-premise installation.

You can download the Forrester report, which has been licensed by USU, free of charge here and so save 2,495 USD (approx. 2,300 EUR) compared with if you were to download it from Forrester’s website.

Download the report free of charge now