Jun 08, 2015

IT Services for Machinery and Asset Leasing

Deutsche Leasing AG generates more than half its new business in the machinery and equipment segment. That ranges from complex assets to complete production plant for industry, the construction sector, healthcare or agriculture.

In the business segments of vehicle leasing and IT and communications technology leasing, there are already standardized valuation methods and indexes, such as the Schwacke list. In contrast, a realistic assessment of the value of machinery and the development of its value requires personal experience and expert know-how due to the diversity, specific nature and complexity of this field. Consequently, Deutsche Leasing sought an integrated system solution that makes relevant information transparent and accessible directly at all times. In addition, the individual processes – from acquisition to resale of objects – were to be controlled by automated means.

The IT Solution Management team of Deutsche Leasing presented a concept to the Machinery Leasing division for expanding the existing established IT asset management system based on USU Valuemation into a global system for asset leasing. Since 2011, Deutsche Leasing has used Valuemation from USU as the central system for valuing, managing inventories of and reselling complex machinery and assets.

In the case study, you can learn how Deutsche Leasing AG significantly increased efficiency in machinery leasing, how system-aided knowledge became a competitive advantage and what role documented valuation know-how plays in that.

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