Jan 25, 2016

New Release 4.6 Available for USU Valuemation

The new version 4.6 of the IT service management suite USU Valuemation will be shipped as from February 1. Among other things, it comprises a new module for IT service continuity management for classifying, controlling and minimizing risks of outages due to serious incidents. The new release also optimizes intuitive ordering of services by end users and automatically includes important resources and skills in release management. Another focus: Integration of a chat function in IT support and greater cost transparency and audit compliance as part of ticket handling in incident management. Learn more about the new features at a glance.


Ensure Service Availability

With the new Valuemation specialist module IT Service Continuity Manager (ITSCM), risks in the IT infrastructure that might have serious impacts on the availability of business and IT services are assessed and controlled: What risks do various types of incident pose for service availability? How can an incident be avoided where possible? And what measures are needed to recover a service – at least in a basic or minimum form – after an incident?

In Valuemation ITSCM, you use a standardized threat and criteria catalog from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to classify risks. You also use the Valuemation module to plan and prioritize all relevant measures to recover services after an incident by means of predefined workflows and integrated ITSM processes – such as for change and configuration management – and document all assessments and initiated measures in the central database in an audit-compliant manner.

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Intuitive Selection and Ordering of Services by End Users

The attractive service shop introduced with the last release 4.5 ensures a high level of satisfaction among IT service customers: End users can select, configure and order the service products available to them on their own from a predefined catalog. In release 4.6, service products can be selected and shown in the shopping basket even more quickly and easily. That is done intuitively by means of rapid navigation – even without a click of the mouse. In addition, the shopping basket view in the service shop is even better to configure now.

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Cost Transparency and Audit Compliance in Incident Management

Ahead of ITIL® certification of the Valuemation Suite by Pink Elephant, a function for calculating the costs of tickets in incident management was implemented and automatically includes all the documented time and work required in the ticket handling process. Audit compliance has also been improved by the fact that when a ticket’s priority is changed, a reason has to be selected and stored.


User-friendly IT Support by Chat

With the IT self-service solution USU Smart Link, you offer IT users a customer-friendly channel for IT support and a means of solving IT questions and problems by self service. Thanks to integration of USU Smart Link with the Valuemation module Incident Manager, support staff can now chat with end users and so directly and quickly help answer all questions that remain unresolved after they have searched for remedies. The entire chat log is appended to the ticket, meaning the chat is documented automatically.

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Efficient Task Controlling in Release Management

The Valuemation Release Manager now offers additional functionalities familiar from resource management (Valuemation Resource Manager): You use the VM Resource Manager to define and plan tasks and schedules for their implementation up to approval of releases. In an integrated solution, you also automatically include the available skills and resources you need for release activities.

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What’s more: With the Valuemation Business Process Manager – a core functionality that comprehensively supports all modules in USU Valuemation – you define workflow-based tasks in IT service management that you can put directly into operation after modeling them and run in USU Valuemation and adjacent/integrated systems.

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Would you like more information?

If you are interested in these new features, but are not yet familiar with USU, we recommend first of all a customized (web) presentation, which we offer you free of charge and without obligation. You thereby obtain specific information on the solution areas and modules of relevance to your needs and also get to know what is new in release 4.6.

We offer you also an update briefing on the new features of USU Valuemation 4.6 based on detailed release information for users. This provides you with all valuable information on functional innovations and extensions. You can then discuss your questions with USU’s product experts.

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