Nov 08, 2017

Online survey: Please evaluate Valuemation for IT asset management

We’re facing up an international comparison with competitors by taking part in a new market study of Info-Tech Research. The US American analysts currently examine solutions from various vendors in the field of IT asset management (incl. software license management) – including USU’s software Valuemation.

Besides the findings of the analysts, also the opinion of our clients and users are included in the final evaluation results. Thus, we kindly ask you as a Valuemation user in the field of IT asset management for your support.

Your participation in the online survey only takes approx. 10 minutes. The questions and answers are presented in English, and inserting free text is not required. Your responses are evaluated anonymously. To avoid manipulations, it is only necessary to fill in your business e-mail address at the start of the survey. Using this, Info-Tech is able to verify that you actually work at a client company.

Go to the online survey on Valuemation

As a small thank-you gift for your participation, you’ll receive an Amazon voucher worth 5 €uros from Info-Tech Research. Moreover, USU provides you with a copy of the market survey – valued at 3,000 US$ – free of charge after its publication at the beginning of 2018.

Please take part in the survey by Friday, November 24, at the latest.

Please note: At the end of the survey you’re asked to enter your LinkedIn account. However, this is not necesseray for you. You may leave the survey at this point, and the results have already been saved.

We thank you very much for your support!


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