Jan 30, 2017

Service Intelligence: New Version 4.0 speeds up IT service optimization

With the new version of the USU analytics software available from 1 February, new KPI systems can be rolled out much more quickly. Thanks to easier configuration via web frontend, customers can adapt their solution themselves. New specialist domains can also be implemented and configured in just three days and used productively straight away. 

Quick rollout in just a few days
Thanks to predefined IT KPIs and preconfigured dashboards, the ITIL®-certified USU specialists can roll out the Service Intelligence IT analytics solution in just a few days – including installation, system integration, production rollout and user briefings. The new release has significantly reduced the time needed to roll out new specialist domains. For example, the Change Management domain can be implemented on a customer-specific basis in just a day and used productively straight away.

High level of flexibility and adaptability
Compared to other popular business intelligence (BI) solutions, Service Intelligence is a highly flexible, easy-to-configure solution. The customer administrator can easily adapt and expand the predefined KPIs via web frontend tools. Service Intelligence also combines preconfigured reports and role-based dashboards along with comprehensive analysis functions in one tool.

User-friendly user interface
With the new version, the web frontend for administrators in particular has been further developed. Users could already carry out data analysis and root cause analysis with Service Intelligence in a straightforward, intuitive manner. For example, customized ad-hoc analyses and reports can be created using “drag and drop” – even for multi-dimensional, complex questions. As a result, specific questions arising from static reports can be answered immediately and it is possible to see straight away where action needs to be taken. With the new version, the administrator can easily add new KPIs and dimensions which are then available to users immediately.

Quicker data access
Thanks to a new technology, the time taken to load data from external source systems has been reduced dramatically. In the past, it took hours to load large quantities of data. This now takes just a few minutes. This is particularly useful if new KPIs are to be rolled out and tested on an ad-hoc basis.

Find out how you could use Service Intelligence’s targeted analyses to uncover weaknesses in your IT and thus improve the quality of your IT service processes. In an online presentation, you can obtain further information with no obligation.  Just get in touch with us to schedule a date at your convenience!