Jan 10, 2017

Successful project completion at new USU customer Swiss Post

Since September 2016, the IT unit of the Post has provided comprehensive support services for the more than 40,000 users and 10,000 organizational units throughout the Post on the basis of USU’s Valuemation solution. The major project that began in March 2015 with a Europe-wide tender has thus successfully started live operation. Among other things, the project scope called for the complete replacement of the HP Service Desk software used for more than 14 years. In addition, the project involved setup and expansion of  service Level management in the new solution in order to depict the highly complex service structure.

For its service level management, the Post now uses a comprehensive system in which the some 5,000 services and 400 service level agreements (SLAs) are shown in relation to more than 215,000 systems. If an incident occurs, the integrated CMDB allows IT support to directly access all relevant technical and organization information through Valuemation and quickly and permanently resolve problems with help of the knowledge database.

During the project, the previous HP software, an existing IT knowledge database, an external system for customer satisfaction surveys and a SharePoint solution in problem management were replaced by the integrated USU solution and a CTI connection was established. In addition, the mobile Valuemation version now assists IT support staff in field service with the efficient on-site handling of service assignments. Seamlessly integrated processes give the Post the ability to manage their IT services very efficiently and thus ensure high performance and availability. Markus Bacher, Head of IT operation at the Post affirms this: “With USU, we have been able to replace a system from HP that was optimized for 14 years. The new system based on USU's Valuemation solution is stable and a fallback was not necessary. That is a great achievement.”

The Post made the decision in favor of project partner USU after a five-day proof of concept workshop in which USU demonstrated the performance record in extensive test cases and proved that its Valuemation suite meets all technical and functional requirements.  The sustainability of the solution was also compelling: Valuemation can be configured by customers themselves and can be flexibly expanded to meet future requirements in IT and enterprise service management.

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