Aug 30, 2018

USU Group announces 2018 half-year figures

The USU Group increased its half-year sales by 7.5% year-on-year. Due to the very good license forecast and the significant increase in incoming orders, the Group will again grow significantly faster than the market in 2018, according to the Executive Board. Group-wide sales revenues of EUR 93 - 98 million and the increase in adjusted EBIT to EUR 7.5 - 10 million are planned.

Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes ("adjusted EBIT") in the first half of the year were significantly below the comparable figure for the previous year. This was due to future investments in foreign markets, the associated 9.1% increase in personnel to 697 employees and some project postponements.

These are the most important details at a glance:

  • Half-year sales increase by 7.5%, half-year result declines as expected due to targeted investments in the future
  • Group workforce increased by 9.1
  • Financing remains very solid, Group liquidity at previous year's level
  • Management Board expects positive business development in the second half of 2018 and confirms annual planning for 2018 and medium-term guidance 2021

Read more in our press release on the USU website.