Aug 20, 2019

USU wins new customers in the field of Enterprise Service Management

As different service units merge in order to form central, enterprise-wide shared service centers, the demand for comprehensive service management solutions is increasing. USU is very well positioned in this growth market with its modular Valuemation product line. In recent weeks, a number of well-known new customers from the engineering services and manufacturing industries have been acquired for Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

In future, Valuemation will support these customers' service processes for their employees and end customers. The presentation of the service portfolio, the description of the services and the management of the installed assets form the core of the application. Based on this, Valuemation supports the integrated ticket processes.

With Valuemation, USU has been offering a widely established product suite for ITIL®-compliant IT service management (ITSM) for many years. The integration capability and adaptability of the USU software means that all other service processes can also be optimally supported. For the Human Resources, Facility Management, Corporate, Marketing, Customer Care and Financial Management departments, there are around 60 ready-made service modules that are available "out of the box" to ensure a rapid production start.  

IT Service Management (ITSM) has a very high degree of process maturity due to the de facto ITIL® standard. IT is thus a role model for all other service areas that have undertaken standardization and automation. Through the joint use of a comprehensive application for all service areas, previously isolated contents, processes and tools are standardized and, as experience has shown, considerable synergy effects are achieved.