Jun 04, 2018

Valuemation Analytics: New Release 4.6 now available

The new Release 4.6 of our Valuemation Analytics software is available since June 1. This version offers you the following new features:

Anonymization of personal data
This new function supports you in implementing and complying with the new EU-GDPR, which came into force on May 25, 2018, by specifically anonymizing personal data stored in VM Analytics. You can use it to determine which data records and data you want to make anonymous. The system supports you with lists of possible tables and fields and with data type-dependent random values for anonymization. The anonymization can be done manually or time-controlled on the complete database of your snapshots.

Earmarked data storage
We have reviewed all business modules and removed sensitive personal data from the standard implementation. In addition, the extraction of personal data is minimized from version 4.6 and analyses down to the user level are no longer delivered in the standard system. This affects the domains Asset Management, Valuemation Performance Analytics and VMA User Activity. You can still customize Valuemation Analytics and include sensitive data in your analyses, but this is no longer part of the standard installation.

Integration with the Valuemation Data Protection Manager
If you have already imported data from the Valuemation suite, you can also automatically transfer the anonymization instructions from the Valuemation Data Protection Manager to the Valuemation Analytics data warehouse in the future. This process can be carried out either manually or time-controlled.

The detailed release notes for users and administrators as well as the documentation can be found in the download area of our support page. For access you need personal login data, which you can request via the user registration page if required.

We would be happy to show you the new features in a web presentation. Please contact us!