Aug 14, 2018

Valuemation Analytics 4.7: New module Report Assembler

The new release 4.7 of our Valuemation Analytics software is now available.

The new module Report Assembler combines flexible options for ad-hoc analyses with meaningful reporting. This enables users in particular to produce and send individual reports independently and easily.

You can use the Report Assembler to:

  • Create attractive, detailed reports for your service customers (such as monthly service cost billing or SLA reports)
  • Combine several single analyzer reports with diagrams or tables into a set, add a header, and create single PDF report file of all of them
  • Add further information to each of the analyzer reports and enrich them, for example with explanatory comments
  • Create and adapt report templates on the basis of your own corporate design
  • Plan the creation of reports using the scheduler and send them automatically on a defined date.


Here you can see the user interface for the Report Assembler. You can define your report’s appearance and adapt it to your own company design requirements. Afterward, select evaluations from your analyzer reports, decide whether a diagram and/or a table should be shown, and add explanations as necessary.

This image shows various pages of the final PDF report: You can exploit the potential of flexible, ad-hoc reports even for the graphical presentation of detailed evaluations in print reports. And you make a professional impression on your report recipients (such as decision-makers in management or service customers) through uniform formatting in your corporate design.

We’ll be happy to show you in a web presentation how easy it is to produce your reports with the Report Assembler.

Just contact us!

As always, you can find detailed release information for users and administrators and documentation in the download section on our support site. To access it, you will need your personal login data, which you can request via the user registration page if required.