Oct 24, 2019

Valuemation Analytics: New version 5.0 now available

The new version 5.0 of our Valuemation Analytics software is now available. It offers you the following new features:

New Framework Version

Valuemation Analytics 5.0 is based on the new framework version Pentaho 8.3 Enterprise Edition. It offers a wide range of functions and improvements for both administrators and users. Especially in the area of reporting and analyzer functions, the new framework offers you some improvements, such as continuous axes for time dimensions, extended filter options for numerical dimension levels and enhancements in Excel and CSV export. There is also a simpler and more powerful approach to developing and configuring new visualizations.

New Home Screen

The home screen of our application has been reimplemented. The design is clearer and uses all available space. The Toolkit and Job Scheduler applications can be called from here.

Users with administrator rights have the possibility to adjust the home screen via an editor and to display parameters such as the system name ("Demo", "Productive") or the date and time of the last successful loading of the data in the system etc. The user can also change the settings of the home screen. This offers users a quicker orientation. Texts can be saved for all supported languages.

Integrated product versions

With the new version of Valuemation Analytics 5.0, the login screen has been adapted to the color style of the Valuemation suite.

Already since the last release 4.11, Valuemation Analytics is in use in the same version both in the Valuemation Suite and the license management software Smart Track from Aspera. Users of both USU software products thus use the same user interface and the same functionalities, which increases user friendliness and ease of use.

New languages

In addition to the already available languages German, English, French and Italian, Valuemation Analytics is now also available in Dutch and Spanish.

Enhancements to the Job Scheduler

With the new version, you can create and automatically send dashboards and reports - even existing ones - via parameters target-group-specific (e.g. for internal business units or external service customers). The system automatically suggests the available parameters for selection.

We strongly recommend that you use the Valuemation Analytics Job Scheduler in the future, as we plan to discontinue support for the scheduler application delivered with the Pentaho framework in subsequent releases. We have summarized the advantages of the VM Analytics Job Scheduler in the release notes.

Updates Data Mart

It is now possible to make changes to the data mart without having to completely delete it and reset it. The new "UPDATE DM" job is comparable to the "UPDATE EA" job. This job recognizes differences between the Data Mart database and the corresponding data model in Valuemation Analytics and generates instructions that update the database. The most common changes to the Data Mart data model are supported.

Detailed release notes

The detailed release information for users and administrators as well as the documentation can be found as usual in the download area of the support website. To access it, you will need your personal login data, which you can request via the user registration page if required.

Do you have any questions or would you like further information? We would be happy to show you these updates in a Web presentation.

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