Oct 08, 2018

Valuemation Analytics: New Release 4.8 now available

The new release 4.8 of our software Valuemation Analytics is now available. This version offers you the following new features:

Support of MariaDB

As the Valuemation suite will also be available for the open source database system MariaDB from the upcoming release 5.1, Valuemation Analytics now offers an extension for this: With the add-on "MariaDB ColumnStore" to your VM Analytics database, you can use up to 100 times faster analysis options compared to a conventional relational database.

Integrated User Management

Ab of Release 4.8, Valuemation Analytics has a fully integrated user management system with the Valuemation suite: You can use it to access users and passwords from Valuemation, and VM Analytics is used to log in to the Valuemation user database.

Extension of business modules

We have expanded numerous business modules in Valuemation Analytics to meet the requirements of our customers. These are now bundled with the new Release 4.8.

Additional new features are enhancements to the Report Assembler module, which was introduced in Release 4.7. In addition, when using the VM Analytics Toolkit, you can now easily recognize and distinguish whether you are logged on to the test or production system. This provides you with a high level of security during administration and use.

Gladly we show you these innovations in a web presentation.

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The detailed release information for users and administrators as well as the documentation can be found as usual in the download area of our support page. For access you need personal login data, which you can request via the user registration page.