Jun 29, 2017

Valuemation 5.0: The new product generation and other changes

Valuemation 5.0 release is now available. Our software for IT and enterprise service management, now in its 5th generation, impresses with reworked usability in a new design, and offers a host of attractive new features and other important changes.

New user interface and usability

The Valuemation user interface now features a new design and optimized usability. The new global search function allows you to look for text in all Valuemation data objects with a single search query. A new WYSIWYG editor simplifies customizing the user interface. A host of other new elements and functions make it easier to work with Valuemation.

New visualizer

A new visualizer is now available to visualize data structures and dependencies. Unlike the old solution it offers new interactive functions, is a lot easier to configure and also no longer needs any Java applet browser support.

New self-service solution

The new self-service solution is a completely new development both for the browser and for mobile devices, and is fully integrated in the Valuemation product suite. It thus offers an integrated alternative to the separate Smart Link software and reduces complexity in your installation.

Smart Link and its interface to Valuemation will also continue to be supported by USU.

New Performance Analytics module

The new Performance Analytics module is now available for analyzing usage data. It informs you about user behavior, usage times and frequency of use, and helps you identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Intelligent ticket routing

Intelligent text analysis automatically recognizes the core content of a ticket, classifies the ticket accordingly and automatically assigns it to the agent group. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the system teaches itself the classification rules and keeps on learning. This dispenses with the previously necessary manual classification step and manual ticket forwarding, not only for IT tickets, but also for tickets from non-IT areas such as HR, Facility Management or Field Service Management.

Predefined processes and reports for HR service management

Key processes and reports have already been predefined for use in HR. An HR service management system can thus be implemented faster.

The analytics software Service Intelligence is now called Valuemation Analytics

The Service Intelligence software has been renamed Valuemation Analytics and thus integrated in thematic terms in the Valuemation product suite. In technical terms, however, there’s no change, in other words, the solution is based on an independent application and can, as before, used separately from the other Valuemation modules.

The Mobile Manager module is now called Field Support Manager

The Mobile Manager module has been renamed Field Support Manager The new name better reflects its intended purpose. In addition, the mobile component of the self-service function runs in the same app as the Field Support Manager, which means only one mobile app is required.

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