Valuemation as a Cloud-based Solution (SaaS)

Valuemation as a SaaS solution

If you opt to use Valuemation from the cloud, an extremely powerful, flexible and scalable SaaS solution is provided. It offers you maximum flexibility coupled with great cost control.

Unlike other cloud-based tools, Valuemation offers you all the advantages of an SaaS solution, yet unlimited customizing options and the high level of data security of an on-premise solution: 

Requirements for your ITSM solution: Standardized SaaS solution Valuemation SaaS
Customizing Limited customizing options because one application instance is shared by a large number of customers Unlimited customizing options because there are separate application instances for each customer
Upgrades The software vendor defines the time of upgrades. The customer defines the time of upgrades
Data security / data protection Limited data protection because the application and database are shared Ideal protection because there is a separate application and database for each customer
Future change of operating model No change possible (only available as a SaaS solution) It is possible to start with a SaaS solution and switch later to on-premise installation

If you require your service management solution soon, it may make sense to start with an SaaS solution. If required, you can switch later to an on-premise installation.

You can carry out customizing either on your own with your administrator or with the support of USU’s consultants.

High Level of Data Security

We host the application exclusively in certified data centers in Germany  or, if desired, internationally. Each customer is provided with its own database and application instance. That ensures maximum security for your data and high availability and performance at all times.

Learn more about the advantages of Valuemation as an SaaS solution in our flyer. We’ll be pleased to provide you with details – get in touch with us! 

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