Valuemation: Software für IT Change + Configuration Management (CMDB)

The software for your IT change and configuration management (CMDB)

The Valuemation CMDB Manager
The CMDB provides a comprehensive overview of the IT infrastructure.

Make your IT infrastructure transparent

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides you with a comprehensive overview of your IT infrastructure:

  • Central entry of the relationships and dependencies of IT components (configuration items / CIs) with/on each other
  • Audit-compliant documentation of all changes using the change process
  • Automatic comparison with physical inventory data to identify unapproved changes
The Valuemation Change Manager
The CMDB visualizes dependencies and interrelations in the service structure and IT infrastructure.

Identify dependencies and risks

The ITIL®-compliant Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is an important foundation for low-risk, secure IT operation:

  • Graphical presentation of CI dependencies – from the customer, service, to infrastructure components
  • Display of error statuses from monitoring
  • Ascertainment of the effects and risks of changes (impact analyses)
  • Identification of the causes of problems (root cause analyses)
The Valuemation Change Manager
The CMDB visualizes dependencies and interrelations in the service structure and IT infrastructure.
The Valuemation CMDB Manager
Support in IT change management with the change and release calendar.

Reduce risks in changes to the infrastructure

The ITIL®-compatible change processes reduce the risks involved in changes to your IT infrastructure:

  • Standardized processes for applying for, planning, approving and implementing changes
  • Flexible adaptation of processes for standard, normal and emergency changes
  • Initiation of change processes from the troubleshooting process (request for change / RfC) or using the service catalog (service request)

Roll out software releases reliably

With release management, you can reliably integrate new software releases into your productive environment:

  • Planning of releases and all task packages for the rollout
  • Deployment of releases by means of change processes
  • Complete documentation of all release versions as well as related changes



The Valuemation Release Manager
Planning of release tasks with the aid of resource management

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